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Book Review

Title: Nisyros "Porphiris" of Antiquity

Author: Michael Emm. Arfaras

Publisher: European Tourist Publications "Kamiros"

Reviewed by Paul Campanis (the younger)

I purchased this book on my trip to Nisyros in August in 2002 at one of the stores there for 8 Euro. In a couple of nights I read through it from cover to cover.

It covers the ancient history of the Island in great detail. This was very interesting. As I think back on my ancestors and where they came from, I realize that Nisyros has been visited by many different peoples throughout history. My Greek family all has blue eyes when most Greeks have brown eyes. Perhaps they were the pure Greek blood as we may pride ourselves. Maybe a conquering people mixed blood and that is how it happened. No matter what the history section of this book gave me insight into just how transient the population of the Island has been over the last few thousand years.

The history section is entitled: "Turning Points in the History of the Island." It gives a sentence or two on each significant event that the author identifies. It goes on for seven pages with pictures mixed in. Earthquakes are also recorded as well as political and historical events.

Also covered are many other topics regarding the Island. Overall the book educated me and gave me much insight into my heritage. I recommend it to all who want to know Nisyros better from a Greek and historical perspective.

Paul B. Campanis (the younger)