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e are three Italian relatives (two sisters and a cousin) who are looking for another relative (grandfather’s son, i.e. our uncle) never met before. The reason of this letter is that we know for sure that our uncle was born in Nysiros in 1928 or 1929 some months later our grandfather left this island. Our grandfather’s name was Emanuele Patta. Before he passed away (1980), he asked to his daughters (our mothers) to search for their brother. We found the web address which seems somehow related to our case. In particular, it was suggested to contact you as a reference person. The other new we are aware of are: our uncle mother’s name is Flora, who was very young (16 years old) when she met our grandfather;
at that time Flora had some brothers staying in America; Of course, we are also interested also in the rest of Flora’s family.

Please, we would really appreciate if you could give your help in our search.

Your sincerely,

Emanuela Sanna

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