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Cornelis de Vries

The Well

Slowly I start longing for Nisyros again. I would like to visit the many 'my favorite places' without being recognized by anyone. I am sure I would walk immediately to the monastery of Panagia i Kyra to sit down on the whitewashed court. Already now, I feel the sunrays warming my flesh and the blue sky's dome protecting my soul. The last year's leaflets, moving oddly from one place to another on the crushed concrete floor, whisper sweet stories into my ear; some birds in arabesque flight in the sky: he is back again.

Then, I would start to walk through the fields towards the Well. It is not far from the small monastery to the sacred area. However, you have to know how to get there: cross the thistle-field until you arrive at an old fortification: a stony rim on the edge of a huge abyss. From there you must descend the steep slope right to 'Golden Oriole Valley'. Now, as it was and maybe not anymore, you will find a small opening in the rocks leading to a small stepped tunnel downwards into the mountain. After ten or twelve meter, you will reach the Well.

The Well cannot lie and you will get an answer to all your earnest questions.

As and only if you enter the outside-world again, you will be an other man.

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