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Deborah West

Following discovery of you web site yesterday on Nisyros.  I am writing a

small article on my travel to Nisyros last summer.  Based on Kos, Nisyros

was one of the last islands I visited. I loved what I saw of the island. 

Imagined or real, the island has a special attraction.  I walkedthe narrow

streets to the monastry and boarded the coach to the volcanic crater.  I was

glad of the coach, but probably a scooter would have been fun, if not

dangerous.  At the top, I escaped from the tourist party - have never liked

being part of tour groups.  I walked around the rim and then as everyone

does, I went down the frequent trodden slopes to the heart of the volcano

perhaps.  I was enthralled by the scale of the eruption and

appreciated the many fissures amoungst other things left in the rock face. 

I have climbed volcanic craters in New Zealand - inactive and another in

Japan - Mt Aso - active.  I was fortunate on that occasion to go on a

helicopter ride and get great ariel photos.  I visited a small photo studio

and was impressed by the photographer, Artin Caracasian's, work because he has captured

the island life and clearly this way of life is a passion. I had mixed

feelings that day leaving the island.  I purchased some Almond juice and

gave it as a present to a greek lady shop owner on Kos who also likes

Nisyros.  The monastry is very nice and I was more impressed by it's

location than the icons. How marvellous to look out the monastry window to

the sea.  I imagine the island life can be difficult for it's inhabitants

who rely on tourism and local work e.g. fishing, but when I think of the so

called sophistication of e.g. cities like London, Ithink that life is

better.  Having clicked on the web site on Nisyros, I was delighted to see

the space shuttle photo of Nisyros.  It puts the whole experience into

perspective doesn't it?        

Yours Sincerely

Miss Deborah West/traveller June/July 2000