Where families meet


By Paul Campanis (the younger)

Photos From April 1999 Trip

Our trip of April 1999 to Nisyros

Fisherman off Pali in the fog

Flowers by the Castle in spring

Mandraki coast from shore

Mountain village of Nikea

Nisyros far off in the distance

Pali fisherman

Pali from boat

Paul and Daddy

Paul and Melanie on Boat

Paul and Melanie on Scooter

Relative of Mine at His Store

Remote Beach of Nisyros

Sea from Back of Island

Sea from Castro

Sea from Castro

Sea from Rocky Beach

Rocky Beach from Shore

Sunset from Rocky Beach

Valley from Remote Beach

Big Krater of Volcano

Big Krater of Volcano

Volcano Floor

Volcano Valley

Volcano Valley

Volcano Vents

Walkway to Rocky Beach

Melanie at the Well

Traditional Woman's Wedding Clothes

Yali from the Castle

Yali from Mandraki